Oh, 2020
The Ruthless Comedy Hour
A Virtual Comedy Show-Slash-Happy Hour
Friday, December 4 at 7 p.m.
Finally, the Zoom event we all need.  Please join us on Friday, December 7 for an interactive comedy variety show for HLSA-DC members and guests, featuring interactive polls and (of course!) games specific to HLS alumni.
HLSA-DC is pleased to sponsor this end-of-year gathering for our members and your guests.  Registration is required to obtain the Zoom link, but there is no charge to attend. 
But there will be a tip jar!  It is going to be a difficult holiday season for many families in the region.  The Ruthless Comedy Team will be donating their virtual tip jar from our event to Impact Silver Spring's Holiday Toy Drive; we hope you will contribute.  If you prefer to donate before or after the show, see below for more details.
 About Impact Silver Spring:  COVID19 has had a catastrophic impact on many vulnerable residents in the D.C. region, including in Montgomery County.  Through generous public and private donations, IMPACT Silver Spring has given out and facilitated emergency cash assistance and grocery store gift cards to over 1,200 Montgomery County families who have lost work and are struggling to pay rent and feed their families.
For the holidays, IMPACT's goal is to commit $15,000 of their year-end campaign funds to buy holiday gifts for 300-400 children whose families will not be able to afford gifts this year.  You can make a contribution to IMPACT's Year-End Campaign & Holiday Gift Drive here.

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7:00PM - 8:00PM Fri 4 Dec 2020 ( Timezone: Eastern )


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Louis Lopez
Allison Caplis
John Dey
John Dey
  International Court of Justice
Bárbara Medrado
Lester Dally
  LJD Consultancy
Janice Gorin
  Federal Communications Commission
Michele Spencer
Tom Stanton
  Johns Hopkins University
Sharon Burrell
Howard Schulman
Brian Christaldi
  Retired lawyer
Stan Barg
  Atlantic Realty
Richard Ferber
Tony Chan
Sheela Murthy
  Murthy Law Firm
Donna M. Chambers
Richard Emory
Frank Loy
Marie Park
Anne Hoskins
Donna M. Chambers
Donna M. Chambers
Kathleen Campbell
Robert Okun
  Superior Court
Amanda Maisels
Ysabelle Reyes
Robert Okun
  Superior Court
Chris Dr. Pauly
  Independent scholar and consultant ROL
Vicki Judson
michael goldman
Sheela Murthy
  Murthy Law Firm
James Tarter
Geoffrey Cook
Andrea Broggini
Manley Williams
  Buckley LLP
Lan Mei
Lan Mei
Chloe Hawker
Donald Horowitz
  Duke University
Michael Winer
robert Perry
  retired attorney
Elizabeth Carr
Shayan Karbassi
Karen Shimp
Alina Zagaytova
John Simms
Divonne Smoyer
  Reed Smith LLP
viviana ruiz
Julie Lovas
Robert Portman
  Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville PC
Pam Perry
  Freddie Mac
James Lowe
Najatt Ajarar
Jen Mueller
B. Thomas Mansbach
Brian Christaldi
Jeanne Smoot
David Falk
Ellen Chubin Epstein
Rob Okun
Frank & Dale Loy
  Attorney at Law
A. Langford
Amanda Maisels
Jesse Tampio
Brandon Storm
  USDOJ Antitrust Division
Edwin Fleuriet
  The Unemployed
Lorielle Pankey
Diane Hoffmann
  University of Maryland School of Law
Melanie Dorsey
Najatt Ajarar
John Becker
Rocky Li
Beth Kaufman
Loren Voss
Larry Austin
  StarWalker LLC
Will Stephens
Molly Silfen
Peter Trooboff
  Covington & Burling LLP
Elizabeth Westfall
  US Dept of Justice
Will Gunn
Melanie Dorsey
John Dey
William Greco
Kathleen Havener
  The Cullen Law Firm PLLC
b thomas Mansbach
  Russin & Vecchi LLP
Jerry Block
  Venable LLP
Cynthia Palmer
Taimarie Adams
Charles N. Brower
  International Court of Justice
John Buchman
  Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Bob Lande
  University of Baltimore Law School
Barry Coburn
Sheela Murthy
  Murthy Law Firm
James May
Kathleen Kim
Richard Hoffman
  Maryland Crime Victims' Resource Center
Gary Sutton
jeff lepon
Charles Toy
  57 Stars LLC
Ted Hochstadt
Ted Hochstadt
Geoffrey Cook
karen lee
Jerry Block
  Venable LLP
Marilyn Muench
Ralph Petersberger
Taryn Fielder
  Washington REIT
Chris Jochnick
Stephanie Martin
Peter Tannenwald
  retired attorney
Chris Jochnick
Daniel Lynch
  Venable LLP
Geoffrey Berman
Bob Perry
Lawrence Coshnear
Marian Lee
  Gibson Dunn
Jack Friedenthal
D Johnson
Juan Garcia
Geoffrey Berman
Donald Lubick lubick
Juanita Hernandez
Jacob Steiner
Sean Kanuck
  EXEDEC International
Tirzah Gordon
Arianne de Govia
Donald lubick
  US treasury retired
Tirzah Gordon
... a total of 133 guests.
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